If there is one credit card that is suitable for first-time users, that must be Amazon Pay Credit Card, introduced by ICICI Bank. This credit card is accessible easily from Amazon’s official website, once you open the Home Page, a banner will reflect (if you are ICICI Bank Account Holder), ask you to apply for the Amazon pay Credit Card. Take a glance at the details and benefits of having a Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card.

Process of Application For Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card

  • It is a four-page process, which will hardly take 1 or 2 minutes to apply
  • The Virtual Card can be available for instant use
  • Net Banking and Amazon App also reflects the new card in real-time
  • The limit can be shared with other ICICI Credit Cards (if applicable)
  • The credit card is received physically within 2 days
  • The design of the card is good enough, as it looks like a Free card

The best part of Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card is that there is no CIBIL inquiry. It’s really amazing to find out how ICICI did the integration with Amazon to make the total process simple and super fast. This credit card will also allow members of Amazon Prime to earn 5%t reward points on shopping on Amazon.in. While other users can get 3% reward points and can also earn 2% reward points by spending on Amazon Pay partner merchants across the categories, such as- utility payments, food delivery, movie tickets, and much more. Customers can get no cost EMI offers on a large selection and fuel-surcharge waiver as well. However, there will be no earnings in fuel, gold purchases, and equated monthly instalment transactions.

How Can You Avail Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card?

In the beginning, the credit card was offered an invitation to customers of ICICI Banks, who used the Amazon.in.app. Selected customers were able to see the invitation on the Amazon app and can immediately apply to get a ready-to-use digital card instantly, in a completely paperless and digital matter. Using the digital card, cardholders can start online shopping immediately, without waiting for the physical card to arrive. However, within a few days, the physical card is sent to customers by the bank on your mentioned address.

Over coming months, the facility of Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card will also be extended to other customers.

There are other credit cards that offer a higher incentive of about 10% on the amount of billing but maximum discount avail is Rs. 150 to Rs. 750 but Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card does not have any such limits and 5% deal will make you happier. Besides these, each point equals to a Rupee unlike most other cards, where it is in the range of 25-35 paise to each point.

Benefits of Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card

  • No limit to earning from this card
  • No joining or annual fee
  • No expiry date for your earnings
  • Earnings can also be used for purchasing of 10 crore products at Amazon.in

Therefore, if you are a regular shopping on Amazon, it seems like a good option for your as there remains no cap on points, which you can easily earn and no expiry date as well. Typically, credit cards rewards are capped and also come with an expiry date.

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