It feels good to get some extra money, right? CRED can help you manage and pay all your credit card bills at one place. Not only that, it also guides you to build and keep a good credit score, which is very important for availing emergency loans etc.

We at Money9 have been testing CRED application for the past three months. After using it extensively we came to this conclusiond that CRED is completely safe and secure application to manage all your credit card bills. You can fearlessly depend on this application and pay the bills using CRED.

How CRED Works?

Every credit card company such as American Express, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank and others provides various methods of paying your credit card bills. For example, all credit card providers have an NEFT based payment system where you can pay the bills directly to your credit card number using a specific IFS code. ICICI bank has UPI payment system for their credit cards etc. CRED simply uses the same system to pay your bills. All you need to do is verify your phone number and CRED will fetch all your credit cards associated with that mobile number. Later, you need to verify those cards before making any payments.

How Does the Rewards System Work?

When you pay bills using CRED, you earn the exact same amount of CRED Points. Later, you are allowed to burn those points for rewards such as Uber Coupons, Gaana Subscription, Food Coupons etc. Along with this, with each credit card bill payment, you get to burn your CRED Points for Cash Back. While testing this feature we have won cash back or ₹1,000 which was credited to one of our ICICI Bank credit cards.

Why Should You Use CRED?

As per my experience, CRED provides you with the most intuitive credit card bill payments ever. Once you enable the “Smart Statements” and authenticate with your email address, CRED helps and notifies you about the due dates, credit limits, spending patterns and much more. If you handle more than five credit cards then I am sure you have also faced difficulties remembering the due dates. With the help of CRED you can forget about those issues, it will remind you and help you secure a great credit score.

How to Register for CRED?

CRED application works on approval basis. Based on your mobile number they checks your credit score and then they decide whether they want to offer you a subscription or not. It’s pretty easy to get registered for the CRED application. Use the following link to download the mobile application on your Android Phone or iPhone.

Download CRED

Once downloaded, simply open the application and follow the onscreen promts. Verify the phone number using OTP and you are good to go. As of now CRED is providing users with a complimentary Uber voucher as an welcome gift.


We enjoyed reviewing CRED and still use it for paying our Credit Card bills every month. It saves a lot of time and efforts to manage due dates and bills. Hence, we recommend this app. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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